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We’re a Canadian production house that develops creative experiences to resonate with your audience. We’re known for our creativity, but underneath the glitter we’re outcome-oriented. We anchor our work in quantifiable solutions that focus on social good.

Our clients engage us to produce live events, interactive fundraising, emceeing, team building and creative tech solutions. Our work integrates performing arts, new media, and film. Taken together, we call this adventure design.

Responding to COVID-19, we’ve built RocketHouse Studio — a full-service livestream film studio in Calgary. It is the day to day home of our signature cancer fundraising event, Spin For Life.

RocketHouse Studio

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Live Event Production

RocketHouse Studio

Practical Creative

Our projects are geared for purpose. [Practical] We identify the why: fundraising? community? education? debate? [Creative] Audiences consume excitement; we build engagement through entertainment.


This sample pack of RocketHouse Creations includes a zombie apocalypse, custom wearable tech, an album launch, engaged philanthropy, large and small client events, and the world’s first parkour play. We invite you to poke around to learn how we connect with audiences.

Adventure Design

[Design] We interlace storytelling, performance and community action with craftsmanship to welcome our audiences into lateral thinking and gameplay [Adventure]. We create a platform for guests to make choices to explore who they are in the world around them.


Our client relationships are at the heart of why, what and for whom we create. We love working with organizations that strive to make the world around them a better and more interesting place whether that’s through charity, art, or innovation.



Experience Impact

[Impact] We measure qualitative and quantitative single event metrics with a view to long-term, multi-event strategies [Experience]. Rarely do we enter into a client relationship as a one-off. The longer we can work together, the better we can create lasting positive changes for you and your audience.


Our two co-founders form the core of our team flanked by a flexible cadre of contractors who are engaged on a project-by-project basis. While Steve and Zoë curate and lead the creative and business elements, our contractors apply their specifics skills in marketing, writing, videography, computer engineering, app design, or a wealth of other talents that may be called upon.

Photo of Stephen Klintberg Nagy

Stephen Klintberg Nagy


Ever-motivated to explore, RocketHouse co-founder, Stephen Klintberg Nagy, paired his formal education with ventures through remote regions on four continents; often by motorcycle. His studies... (read more about Stephen)
Photo of Zoë Klintberg Nagy

Zoë Klintberg Nagy

Head of Creative

In addition to being a RocketHouse co-founder, Zoë Klintberg Nagy is a producer, public speaker, actor and designer with the occasional modelling credit. She graduated... (read more about Zoë)