At the start of the pandemic, we turned a small corner of our garage into a streaming studio. Friends and sponsors of our Spin For Life fundraising initiative offered lights, cameras and screens to get us going. We dismantled old parkour sets to make the lighting grid. We built computers and backdrops and experimented with every streaming and cueing technology we could find. Within that first year we produced dozens of shows, hosted fitness fundraisers, full digital conferences and even won “Best Digital Event” from the Canadian Digital Publishing Awards for our production of Avenue magazine’s Top 40 Under 40.

In 2023 we started a massive renovation. Now, RocketHouse Studio has more than 3x its original filming area. We can shoot fully in the round on 500 sqft of staging area that is large enough to host small audiences, full bands and theatrical performances.

RocketHouse Studio is a full-service studio for small and medium-sized video, streaming, audio and photo productions. It is fantastic for:

  • Corporate Marketing Videos
  • Music/Artisanal Videos
  • Podcast Production
  • Livestream Event Programs (Conferences, Awards Programs, AGMs, etc.)
  • Training and Educational Videos
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Hybrid and Small Audience Productions
  • Virtual Fireside Chat Productions (with a literal fireplace)
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Short Films
  • Panel discussions
  • Digital fitness classes
  • Small plays and theatrical performances
  • Interviews, headshots & profiles
  • Product showcases

When you book with RocketHouse Studio, you pay a flat fee to get access to all of our in-house audio-visual and production equipment, run by one of our technicians. No added fees for each additional cable you might need. We’ll configure and manage the AV to expertly execute your vision. When you book studio time, this is what you’ll access:

  • One RocketHouse Technician for the duration of your booking
  • 2 4K PTZ Cameras (stream in 1080p)
  • 1 4K DSLR Camera (stream in 1080p)
  • Teleprompter
  • 90″ LED TV Screen (on adjustable & swivelling mount – can be vertical or horizontal…or diagonal, frankly)
  • Monitor TVs
  • 20′ x 12′ wrap-around green screen
  • LED HexPar and Floorbar theatre lights
  • Photography lighting (including RGB accent lights)
  • Up to 8 projectors and screens (6 mounted on the perimeter, 2 mobile)
  • Multiple microphones including SM58s, shotgun mics, podcasting mics, lav mics, and in-ear monitor(s)

RocketHouse Studio (Before the Renovation)

Top 40 - Produced at RocketHouse Studio

Most of our shows are run via a combination of vMix, NDI-enabled equipment, Qlab and various other softwares that our technical staff will manage.

We have an otherworldly amount of available power in the Studio (48 20A circuits, 4 30A and a dryer plug…sorry, no 3-phase). If you want to add in a lot of additional tech elements, it may require external rentals, but we can likely power it.

If you need us to take it a step further by helping to create your content, manage your speakers, design graphics, design sets…anything, we can build out what you need. Ask us for a quote for additional production management.

And, RocketHouse Studio is a converted garage. We still have the overhead doors. If you wanted to showcase a vehicle in the studio, or a grand piano, it can be driven / rolled in at street level and set to be filmed.

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