RTCC Engagement

The benefit of having a devoted emcee has been pretty tangible. Riders are greeted by a friendly face, sponsors are confident that their brand will be recognized for the good it is doing and the beneficiaries know their investment is going a lot further than they could get through most avenues. This all comes down to the human connection. It’s the same principle you base your rider support and entire event on — humans helping humans.

What has been demonstrated over the five years of RocketHouse involvement is the correlated power of us in the emcee positions. One of your key measures of connection is re-registration (it’s also how you keep your marketing budgets efficient – retained donors cost less than new ones).

The more intimately involved that our emcees have become in the Rider experience the better they have been able identify with what makes the Riders tick and share the purpose behind their stories. We see this playing out as re-reg rates have hit historic levels, especially when Steve rode. That was pure connection with the cause.

Why Steve Rides

The more that we can collectively build on this strength the better the result for the Riders, the beneficiaries and the group of us as producers.

We love working with Peak Technologies. They get the Ride just like we do. We have been talking about numerous ways to increase Rider engagement through the emcee role. With the increased number and complexity of the screens that Peak has designed and the live, remote videography capabilities they have, we can create a complete emcee experience for the Riders that includes one emcee riding, one holding the fort at the Start and Finish Lines, remote interviews with Riders on the route and action shots. All of these assets can be used for live feeds follow-up marketing strategy and add to the emcee’s intimate knowledge of the Riders. And that connection breeds community. And community identity is what keeps these Riders devoted to the beneficiaries.