RocketHouse Curator

Donovan Deschner

Head of Production

For more than 20 years, Donovan Deschner has been entertaining audiences both in front of and behind the curtain. When he’s not bringing RocketHouse Creations to life, he’s touring the nation as a stand-up comedian or lending his skills as a producer to a wide variety of shows including The Debaters LIVE On Tour. Past credits include Host for the SuperDogs, his own full-length comedy special, No Backup Plan, and the creation of Red Carpet Comedy. His philosophy when Curating is simple: leave nothing to chance and build in measures to solve problems before they occur.

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Our “Secret” Weapon

Head of Production

As Head of Production, Donovan's main responsibility when RocketHouse is on site is to ensure that there are no mistakes when bringing Creations to life. In order to guarantee that lofty goal, the work begins weeks (if not, months) before the audience arrives. Detailed and thoughtful pre-production is what brings the creative work to life. When his job is done properly, you should never even know he was there.

Creations by Donovan

Donovan's speciality is in live events but he still lends his creative eye to many RocketHouse Creations. You probably won't see him when he's working but rest assured he's busy making sure that every bit of the production runs without a hitch.