Photos by Heather Schellenberg and Kelly Hofer

"Everyone on the internet? They're not having as great a time as you think they are.”

- Portlandia

Project Name:

The Honesty Experiment

Project Type:

Performance, Design

Project Descriptor:

Behind-the-scenes art shoot and story

In answer to the relatively new phenomenon of edited happiness that people either intentionally or unintentionally present on social media, Zoë and Steve undertook a lengthy photo shoot to give balance the many other sides of public life on film. Heather Schellenberg and Kelly Hofer shot a series of personal and artistic portraits throughout the afternoon that reflected a combination of mellow, depressed, bored, angry, panicked, calm, and sad emotions within the backdrop of a newly derelict Museum of Contemporary Art.

This post is for anyone that feels alone. Anyone that feels like they are somehow falling behind everyone else. The New Year can be a great time for exciting beginnings, but it can also be a time to reflect on the failings in our lives – resolutions are, in many ways, a double-edged sword. We don’t want anyone to feel alone, especially you. This is our tribute to that unseen side of life that gets edited out of social view.

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