Welcome To RocketHouse!

(You might know us as Rocket House Productions Inc. - that’s our legal name. But everyone loved using the nickname “RocketHouse” so we’ve adopted it as our official operating name. You can use either or both, we don’t mind either way.)

First thing’s first… you’re probably wondering about that asterisk. Well…

*We make a point of not submitting our work for awards because we have a different priority in mind: You. We measure success through the lasting satisfaction of our clients and the quantitative impact of our creations; and, quite frankly, chasing awards distracts from all of that. We’ll take testimonials over trophies any day.

Now, let’s introduce ourselves properly…

We’re a Canadian production house that develops creative experiences to resonate with our audiences on a deeper level. We’re most known for our creativity, but underneath all the glitter we’re actually very practical. We strive to anchor our work in quantifiable solutions and get to the heart of our clients’ needs with a core focus on overall social good.

Our clients usually approach us for adventure design, team building, live events, theatre, immersive marketing, and creative tech solutions, so our work reaches into the realms of performing arts, live events, new media, film and audio design.

We’d like to say a quick word about vocabulary. We find that many of the clients that come to us are used to working with event or theatre companies, so they’re used to different terminology and aren’t quite sure how to talk about what we do. We know that’s stressful for everyone, so throughout the website we’ve included a few terms and definitions for you to use and enjoy.

A Message From the Curators


Practical Creative

We’re all about identifying the core issue that needs to be solved (the practical) and then developing the entertainment that makes the solution glamorous (the creative). This is why we ground even our most “out there” concepts in feedback and data analysis. We start each project by burrowing down to the “why” - the ultimate purpose and benefit under the surface. We don’t always advertise that deeper purpose since it can often veer away from the glittery and exciting tone that audiences like to hear about. We might package something as a corporate event or team building but, really, we may be focusing on staff retention. As our high school drama teacher said, "Entertainment isn’t useful unless it changes the audience." (Yes, we’ve known and worked together since high school.)


This is the sample pack of some of our favourite RocketHouse creations from the last few years. We’ll be rolling out project overviews interspersed with a few “behind the curtain”articles every week starting on November 19th, 2017. Follow us on social @rockethouseinc to get the heads-up on these releases.

  • Éōs & Nyx
  • Connect First Staff Appreciation Event
  • The Ride To Conquer Cancer
  • Zombie Apocalypse Surprise Birthday
  • The Honesty Experiment
  • This RocketHouse Creation
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    January 14, 2018

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  • This RocketHouse Creation
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    January 21, 2018

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  • This RocketHouse Creation
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    January 28, 2018

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    February 4, 2018

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Adventure Design

The ultimate difference between an adventure and a story is giving the audience the opportunity to make choices. But the true appeal of adventure design is creating a platform for guests to explore the deeper aspects of who they are and their relationship with the world around them. The logistics are fun, challenging problems to solve that go far beyond the event formulas of "how many people equals how many cocktail tables." It involves some serious interdisciplinary curation; and sexy words like "paracosm." It combines multiple forms of craftsmanship, lateral thinking, performance, team building, gameplay and psychology. The concept of "adventure" is very close to our hearts.


Our client relationships are at the heart of who, why, and what we create. We love working with people and organizations that strive to make the world around them a better and more interesting place, whether that’s through charity, art, or innovation. We most commonly work with our clients on the production of adventures, team building, live events, theatre, immersive marketing, or creative tech solutions. We’re very proud of our clients and we’d love for you to get to know them better. Here are just a few of our nearest, dearest, and favourite-est.

… and many more!

Experience Impact

We work with our clients to develop long-term, multi-experience strategies. Planning long-term lets us get to know our clients better and be more insightful and critical of our own designs. It lets us iterate meaningfully to create the most impact possible.


We are a core team of three curators, each with our own distinct personalities, influences and talents. Throughout the next few months, you’ll get to learn more about each of us including our background with various industries and projects.

Steve Nagy


Ever-motivated to explore, RocketHouse co-founder, Steve Nagy, paired his formal education with ventures through remote regions on four continents; often by motorcycle. His studies included Philosophy at UBC, acting at Studio 58 and a BA in Psychology and World Religions from McGill. Among his credits as an actor and production manager, he is noted for his work as the emcee of the Ride To Conquer Cancer, the producer of the autism-Alzheimer’s-inspired parkour play, MindFire, and as the RocketHouse Astronaut. A passionate athlete, he Curates by exploring physicality as a storytelling art form and positioning it in unexpected settings.

Zoë Klintberg

Head of Creative

In addition to being a RocketHouse co-founder, Zoë Klintberg is a producer, public speaker, actor and designer with the occasional modelling credit. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2010 with an interdisciplinary BA in Communication and Culture with a focus on film theory. As an active advocate for art, charity, and volunteerism, she has given her time to dozens of organizations and has sat as trustee for Awesome Foundation Calgary, Every Woman Foundation, PechaKucha Calgary, and caretaker of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Her style of Curating is to research and find connections between unusual and often disparate ideas.

Donovan Deschner

Head of Production

For more than 20 years, Donovan Deschner has been entertaining audiences both in front of and behind the curtain. When he’s not bringing RocketHouse Creations to life, he’s touring the nation as a stand-up comedian or lending his skills as a producer to a wide variety of shows including The Debaters LIVE On Tour. Past credits include Host for the SuperDogs, his own full-length comedy special, No Backup Plan, and the creation of Red Carpet Comedy. His philosophy when Curating is simple: leave nothing to chance and build in measures to solve problems before they occur.

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